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"Part One" and "Part Two" are about love, death, fear, time, space, dragging moments of confusion, waves of equanimity—and letting go. These 15 songs trace the previous four years of my life as I moved to a new city; dealt with anxiety, depression, and spiritual development; experienced love lost, love made, the nurturing of trust, and familial growing pains. I experienced proximities to grief, death, and a two-week-long episode in and out of the hospital, which affected the stakes of these pursuits: songs about love’s trials follow existentialist sermons and dream sequences. If the record is at all pious, it is equally self-conscious and questioning.

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this short collection of demos was recorded from 2015–2019. only upon the planning of our upcoming ALBUM did i think of releasing these vulnerable, exploratory insights to my writing process.

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small places has 3 EP's (and a "mix" "tape") out on the streaming multiverse available for audial consumption

the arrival of the fourth and the fifth installments, "part one" and "part two" are now being planned, theorized, and executed.

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