Adrian Politzer

Graphic Design




My updated résumé is available for download here.

References available upon request.


My name is Adrian Politzer. I am based in Chicago, I earned my Bachelors of Design from UIC in 2020, and I am available for new opportunities in digital and print graphic design!

I have years of experience building identities for brands and deploying collateral across websites to social media and print. My portfolio includes branding, logo design and identity, typeface design, motion design, publication design including self-publishing, as well as extensive printing and experimentation with a Risograph and low-fidelity digital media.

In both my personal and client-driven work, I investigate the origins, limitations, and possible extensions of different media. Iteration and research are essential processes to my practice; as a designer, authenticity is constantly proven by adapting to restrictions. I am faithful to fluidity, and I delight when the technical is playful, and the profound is accessible.